Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Ellie's Song: A Christmas Story (Novella)

Cover and Synopsis:
Ellie Morgan was born with stars in her eyes and dreams of life on the stage as a professional singer. Home from college on a winter break, she sits in a little coffee shop, missing the fast-paced life of Chicago, when in walks Luke Williams.

Luke gave up a Broadway career to move back to his hometown, taking a job as a high school music teacher. Ellie is shocked that he would give up a life of fame and fortune to become a teacher.

As a friendly bet, Ellie volunteers to help Luke out at a children's choir program that he runs. She is soon surprised at how quickly the children find a place in her heart and she begins to see Luke in a new light as she discovers that with the magic of Christmas and the power of music, even miracles can happen.

My Thoughts:
This is a sweet story about a college girl learning the power of serving others and the joy it brings. It's a great story for the Christmas season, and it has all the right ingredients to make a cute Hallmark channel movie: Wealthy girl, attractive guy, and some underprivileged kids with stories that pull at your heart-strings.

It's a quick read (it only took me an hour), and while I couldn't form a strong bond with the characters in that short span of time, I was interested in what happened and seeing how things ended. The writing could use just a touch of editing, but it certainly wasn't anything to stop me from enjoying the story.

If you're looking for a short story to read while you take a coffee break, this would be a good choice. I really think it would make a lovely little Hallmark movie; hopefully someone in the business will stumble upon it and recognize the possibilities!

My Rating: 4 stars

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