Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reading Challenges for 2013

Happy New Year! I've decided to sign up for a few reading challenges for 2013. Last year I read a total of 56 books, so I figure it won't be too much of a problem for me to meet some goals in 2013. ;)

Here are the challenges that I'm taking on for 2013:

E-Book Challenge
hosted by Workaday Reads
I'm going for the "DVD" level, which is 25 e-books.
I love my kindle, so doing this challenge is going to be awesome.

 Mount TBR Reading Challenge
hosted by My Reader's Block

I'm aiming for the "Pike's Peak" level, which is 12 books,
although it's possible that I'll bump that number up as the year progresses.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
hosted by Historical Tapestry

I'm going to start with the "Renaissance Reader" level, which is 10 books,
but it's quite possible I'll increase my goal mid-year.

I've never done a reading challenge before (unless you count summer reading programs at the library), so we'll see how it goes! :) Is anyone else signing up for challenges? Maybe even some of the same ones I'm signed up for? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Welcome to Mount TBR! Good luck climbing Pike's Peak this year!

    Am I signing up for challenges? *giggles* Um--yes, 27 so far (including my own 3). I'm slightly addicted to them. :-)