Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Piece de Resistance by Sandra Byrd

Well, we've come to the end of my reviews on the French Twist series by Sandra Byrd. I've finished Piece de Resistance, the third and last book, and here is my review of it:

Lexi is back in Seattle after spending the last 6 months in Paris at a prestigious French baking school. She's got her chef's diploma in hand, and a job at a brand new French-style bakery all lined up. Lexi Stuart, assistant manager at Bijoux bakery--uh, wait, assistant manager? That's not quite what Lexi had in mind...

After a miscommunication of sorts, Lexi finds herself not only the head-chef, but also the assistant manager at the brand new Bijoux (translation from French: Jewel) bakery. Now she's suddenly in the position of having to manage the books, drum up business for the struggling bakery, and also manage employees; all of which are tasks that take Lexi far out of her comfort zone. All she ever wanted to do was bake tasty and elegantly decorated French goodies, but that's only a slice of what she finds herself doing.

I enjoyed watching Lexi basically start-up the new bakery, the ups and downs of having to drum up business, find potential clients, and the worries of not turning a profit. The whole bakery atmosphere is really different and fun. Throughout the book Lexi has two romantic interests, but towards the middle and end of the book things on this topic started to not sit quite right with me. For some reason I couldn't really see her with either guy, but in the end I felt like she ended up with the guy I could least imagine her with. I just didn't really see the attraction, although Lexi was obviously happy with how things ended up, so I tried to just go with it... somehow it just seemed a bit off to me, but thankfully it didn't dampen the story *too much*.

Piece de Resistance is the third and last book in the French Twist series. Lexi has come quite a long way from where she was in the first book, and it was certainly an interesting journey to watch where life took her and to see her grow throughout the series. I don't really share her love of all things French, although that never really mattered...her love of French things makes her a unique character, and it definitely allows the storyline to go places the average chick-lit novel does not (Paris!).

If you're looking for a fun and light chick-lit series, I would say the French Twist trilogy is one worth looking into. I enjoyed it for the most part, and the French and Paris themes definitely add a unique flavor.

My rating: 4 stars

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