Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Fatal Deduction by Gayle Roper

(I read Fatal Deduction late last year and reviewed it at Amazon, that was before I started this blog. Anyway, the story-line and details still stick with me, and I just enjoyed it sooo much! So I've decided to post my review here as well, because it's just such an awesome book. If you haven't read it, you should definitely check it out!)

I started reading this book thinking that it would be just an average mystery, but boy was I wrong! This book is so much more than that, and I ended up loving it!

When Libby's wealthy aunt dies, her will stipulates that Libby and her estranged twin sister Tori should live together in their aunt's house for 6 months before they can receive their inheritance. They both agree, though Libby knows it won't be an easy 6 months as Tori is often critical of Libby's life and always has ulterior motives for everything she does. When a dead body shows up on their doorstep the first morning of their 6-month stay, along with a crossword puzzle, Libby starts to worry about who or what her sister has gotten involved with....

I loved the sweet blossoming friendship/romance between Libby and Drew, they are both so likable you just can't help but root for them! They both have baggage and pain from the past that rears it's ugly head in different ways, but it's encouraging to see how they handle it and encourage each other. Tori tries many times to come between Libby and her daughter, Chloe, basically trying to buy Chloe's affection with toys and gadgets, but Chloe has a good head on her shoulders and it was nice to see that at her impressionable age of 13 she could sort of see through what Tori was trying to do.

Fatal Deduction has just about everything: ex-cons, family dynamics, friendship, romance, mystery, crossword puzzles, and even some action and a big twist at the end! I very highly recommend this book!

My rating: 5 stars!!!

If you have a kindle, you can download the first chapter of Fatal Deduction for free at Amazon.

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