Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Match Point by Erynn Mangum

Book Cover and Synopsis:
Matchmaker Lauren Holbrook is happy after putting together four successful couples. That is, until the tables are turned and she’s on the receiving end of the matchmaking!

Lauren and her boyfriend, Ryan, devise a plan to make it look as if they’ve broken up so people will get off their backs about marriage. No problem, right? That’s of course until Lauren realizes she’s in love.

My Thoughts:
Laurie and Ryan have been casually dating for over a year, and all the while Laurie has constantly been practicing her hobby of unwanted matchmaking on her friends and acquaintances. But she's in for a big surprise when her friends start giving her a taste of her own medicine!

I found it quite humorous that Laurie's friends turned her matchmaking habit around on her, and Ryan's plan to get "revenge" on the matchmakers was amazingly fun...however, sadly I felt that some of the magic between Laurie and Ryan was lost once everyone started pushing them together. Yes, it's obvious that they make a great couple... but I really liked the slow and steady pace their relationship was built on. Many parts of the plot were quite fun, but ultimately I think I would've preferred to see Laurie and Ryan find their own way, instead of everyone trying to speed up their relationship.

Something that really stood out to me, that I really loved, was how Laurie tends to freeze up when she finds herself in a romantic situation. She is always so happy when her friends are in mushy situations, but when it happens to her, she just about panics. I loved that! It's so "real" and down-to-earth. It certainly doesn't fit into the standard mold for novel romances, but then again, Laurie is anything but normal...which is why she is so awesome as a character.

Despite my small nitpicking in a few places on Match Point, I still say Erynn Mangum is the ultimate queen of Christian Chick-Lit, hands down. No one can match her off-the-wall banter and quirky, yet realistic characters. This is the end of the Lauren Holbrook series, but I am anxiously awaiting her next book release!

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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