Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell

Book Cover and Synopsis:
Lucy Kendall always assumed she'd help her father in his candy-making business, creating recipes and aiding him in their shared passion. But after a year traveling in Europe, Lucy returns to 1910 St. Louis to find her father unwell and her mother planning to sell the struggling candy company. Determined to help, Lucy vows to create a candy that will reverse their fortunes.

St. Louis newcomer Charlie Clarke is determined to help his father dominate the nation's candy industry. Compromise is not an option when the prize is a father's approval, and falling in love with a business rival is a recipe for disaster when only one company can win. Will these two star-crossed lovers let a competition that turns less than friendly sour their dreams?

My Thoughts:
Thinking about this novel, the first word that comes to my mind is "unique". Very unique. In a very, very good way!

The point of view switches back and forth between Lucy and Charlie, with first person writing (which I love because it puts you RIGHT THERE in the characters heads). I really enjoyed the interaction between Lucy and Charlie. It's obvious they "click", they just kind of fit together, but the long standing feud between their fathers' rival candy companies inevitably pits them again each other. They frustrate each other to no end, especially when it becomes apparent that neither is afraid to play dirty (often with amusing results) in their quest to disrupt the others candy business.

I really liked Lucy's personality...some of the thoughts that run through her head seem more fitting for a girl of today, rather than early 20th century, but not in a bad way at all. I actually really liked this as it made her very easy to relate to and sympathize with. She gets put into some humorously strange situations, and it's quite fun to watch how she reacts.

The time period is a good one; I really enjoyed "visiting" an era so full of progress and change. Automobiles are coming into popularity, mixing with horses and buggies on the streets. The telephone is available and used at many businesses, yet it's still "new" enough that many people have never used one. (Charlie's first encounter with a phone is seen, which is interesting and humorous at the same time.) Advertising is only by word-of-mouth or printed posters, and defacing or covering up a rival's poster is considered fair game.

As the story progressed and the rivalry between Lucy and Charlie escalated, the stakes got larger than I ever imagined possible. It's kind of a wild ride, and there were times when I was absolutely clueless as to how things could ever be neatly wrapped up! I must admit that fairly early on I had a sneaking suspicion about who the "bad guy" would be....and when the reveal came, it turned out I was partially right, but I did still have alot of fun getting there.

I highly recommend this one! I'm a long time fan of Siri Mitchell, and once again she's delivered an excellent story. The candy-centered plot is fun, unique, and very memorable. Pick this one up, you won't regret it!

My Rating: 5 stars

Thanks to the publisher (Bethany House) for providing me with this e-book for review via NetGalley.   


  1. Just got this one in the mail last week, so I'll have to begin reading it soon. :)

    Thanks for the glowing review, Val.

  2. This book sounds so good and I desperately want to read it soon! Thanks for your lovely review. I love, love, love your site and am your newest follower :) If you get a chance please stop by my blog as well!

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