Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Weathering Evan by Amanda Hamm

Book Cover and Synopsis:
Tammy Janeway is having some issues. Evan Knightly is at the root of all of them. Of course it’s not his fault that she has a massive crush on him. But she can’t even be sure he deserves her adoration. One minute he’s undeniably sweet and charming, the next he acts like a creep.

Tammy is tired of feeling like a nervous teenager in her professional life. She knows she’s making a fool of herself in front of the co-worker who is already dating Evan. She knows she can’t stop thinking about him and she knows she wants to. But the one thing she doesn’t know just might be the key to finding a fresh start.

My Thoughts:
Discovering new and different authors is one of the things I really like about my Kindle. There's several indie authors that I've discovered with it, and Amanda Hamm is one of them.

Tammy's job as a Customs Broker is well researched; beforehand I didn't even know the occupation existed, but now I feel that I know a fair amount about it. It's not a position I would seek out, however it was still interesting to learn about. Tammy's office is peppered with a typical quirky cast: incompetent boss, gossipy co-worker, and a "strictly business" co-worker.

Considering the title, I expected Evan to be present in the book more than he was, although for various plot reasons this wasn't really possible. As Tammy's crush on him grows, she finds herself alternating between trying to find ways to "bump" into him, and trying to avoid him. (Making a fool out of yourself due to your massive crush on a co-worker's boyfriend is never good!) It turns out the title has kind of a double meaning, which I won't give away, but I will say that never before has talking about the weather been so charming!

Occasionally some of Tammy's work scenes went on a bit long, but there were other times when I couldn't help but sympathize with her as she tried to placate incompetent and rude customers. (I think we've all experienced those scenarios!) I wish Evan could have been featured a bit more, but the scenes he did have were done well and used wisely.  

As for the ending...on one hand it seemed a bit abrupt, but on the other hand, it was rather sweet. I do wish there had been more story after the end scene, and ultimately I feel that's the mark of an enjoyable story, wanting more after it ends. :) I would recommended this if you're looking for something just a bit out of the norm. I enjoyed it! 

My Rating: 4 stars

For my regular readers, I just want to point out that Tammy and several other characters are Catholic. Tammy attends mass and a Catholic singles group, but the religion and beliefs are not discussed. I generally read Christian fiction, but I was not uncomfortable in the least with any of the content here.

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