Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: "More" by Heidi Marshall

 I'm back with another book review! This time it's "More" by Heidi Marshall.

Here's the book cover, and also the synopsis:
Twenty-something Kate Henry lives a simple life in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She fills her days managing a bookstore that she loves, spending time with her best friends and their young children, and trying to convince herself that she will someday have what she’s always wanted – a family of her own. Wounded by a father who abandoned her, Kate is desperate to find a man who wants to know and love the real her. The real her who talks to inanimate objects, loves to cook for others, and named her favorite pillow Mr. Darcy. Will the reliable lawyer Ian realize after ten years of friendship that Kate is the one? Will the exciting and spontaneous Ben sweep her off her feet? After facing one heartbreak after another, Kate begins to wonder if perhaps she was meant to be alone. She faces some life-changing decisions, but always manages to keep her sense of adventure and humor. 

My Thoughts:
I originally downloaded this (on my kindle) as the cover caught my eye and I thought the story sounded cute. I really wanted to connect with Kate, but sadly I was never able to feel more than apathetic about her story. Parts were okay, but I found myself a bit distracted as often the descriptions of people and places seemed a bit flat. Not bad or wrong, just....plain, I guess would describe it. 

The style is straight forward and matter-of-fact so it's definitely an easy read, I finished it in only 4 sittings. Despite not connecting with Kate, I was curious what would happen so I never really considered not finishing. 

One thing that did seem odd to me was the 4 different bathroom stories the characters told for laughs to their friends. I've never encountered this in Christian Fiction before. Most were the type of stories girls will tell other girls, but I just can't fathom these things being sharing in mixed company, which is the way it played out every time. If I had a (girl) friend tell me the stories in real life I'd no doubt find them humorous, but it struck me strange for them to be included in a book, and the guys' presence just didn't sit right with me. One story in particular (that Kate's friend Darren told to her) I found extremely unnecessary and quite inappropriate for the situation; it painted a mind-picture I would have rather not seen.

I had a bit of trouble deciding on a rating, I was hovering in the area of 2.5 to 3ish stars, and ultimately I went with 3, just as a round-up from 2.5. I felt there was some un-used potential, which ultimately left me feeling that while this is an easy read, it's mostly forgettable.

My Rating: 2.5 3 stars

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